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Builders of European style glass tanks, available here in the UK.

We have been builders and distributors of glass enclosures since 2002. Due to my need for a fit for purpose dart frog enclosure. that does what it says on the tin. We are a leading producer of European style enclosures for amphibian, reptile, inverts and plants, also suitable for D, W, A .  Our enclosures are built by me to a high standard, they don’t look out of place in your lounge or study. We have done work for wildlife parks and zoos, as well as colleges and universities. Here in the UK. Of which we are immensely proud.

We can supply everything you need to satisfy the requirements and enjoyment in your hobby. i.e. Plants live food clean up crew spare-glass doors Just ask? and we will deliver it with your tanks.

DMS Vivaria also supplies enclosures to the leading Amphibian shop here in the UK. Marc at Dartfrog also decorates and plants Dms enclosures for me if needed. So just ask for a price.

We pride ourselves on our after sale service, which we know is second to none.

We also have a forum, which you can join when you have registered to the DMS Vivaria webpage.

The Dms Vivaria Company was founded in 2013. and has been providing quality enclosures to the public and retail outlets, ever since. DMS Vivaria is located in Gloucester, here in the UK, plus we deliver all our enclosures in person. If pick up is not an option.

i also have a courier service, with Type 2 Animal Transportation Authorisation. Also a live arrival guarantee, and a 24 hour full money refund. (terms and conditions will apply).

A customer once told me. “My enclosures were like Alcatraz for fruit flies”. due to how well they were made.

This one is a 120x60x90cm tank conversion for a customer. This is the first picture of the after we done what we needed to do. Up dates of the work to follow.

Here are some enclosures we have ready for delivery. They just need our logo, then away they go. The front one is 60x50x80cm dart frog tank with a false bottom . The tanks at the back are 40x30x40cm rearing tanks.

Imitator poison dart frog. ( Ranitomeya imitator intermedius )
This is bold and inquisitive species, with an amazing reproductive sequence. Once established. they are relatively easy to breed, and males have a lovely trill-like call. Requires a tall vivarium with some elevated resting places. and usually lays 1 – 3 eggs in a slightly inclined film cannister or on a smooth leaf. Adults care for eggs, tadpoles or tadpoles can be reared artificially.

I hope this website and forum is beneficial. Take a look at the new forum and join in? If you would like more detail on anything we do here at DMS Vivaria. Drop us a line or call us

We are always looking to improve the quality and services we offer all our customers.